RCA Beach in Marin County, California shown here at low tide, includes sand dunes and tide pools.

   Nobody likes giving up their favorite spots. WARNING! Both of these hikes require a rope climb on a permanently mounted rope.




   Recently I was fortunate enough to relocate to Marin. I never want to leave. Temperatures have been very comfortable this Summer.  






Crystal Cave in Devil's Arroyo on San Bruno Mountain

   This urban cave took over twelve years for me to find. It is almost within the San Francisco city border.

   The suspense continues. How was this cave formed? Is there an ancient burial site inside?




   Possible uncanny ghost orb siting at end of cave tunnel (below). Download a video (no orbs, but strange purple lights) here.  


UPDATE 9/8/2007 - Photo analyzed and determined to be dust particles by Dave at ghostweb.com - Thanks!